Bulgarian Attitudes Towards Foreign Partners

An interesting survey conducted in February 2019 by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) has studied the attitudes of Bulgarian companies in cooperating with foreign partners. The survey has shown that over 76% of Bulgarian businesses have interested in developing partnership with foreign companies. In particular, the research has underlined that 36% of companies are looking for a good partner for imports; 28% need a partner for joint investment in Bulgaria, and 12% are looking for partners to invest in a new foreign country.
China is the most favourite business destination, quoted by 54% of interviewed. Germany remains second most desired destination among the included countries, and the most preferred within the EU.
Other selected business destinations are Italy, Serbia, Romania, North Macedonia and Russia. In comparison to 2018’s survey, a growing interest towards North Macedonia is analysed, explained by the recently ratified friendship agreement: the Neighbourhood Treaty between Bulgaria and North Macedonia.
Among all the interviewed, approximately 40% of those interested in business trip abroad have an interest in meeting companies from the following industrial sectors/priorities: machine-building, food and beverages, textile, and electronics.
The Market Answer of Matchub.net
Following the new results of the recent survey conducted by the BCCI, Matchub.net is supporting SMEs in increasing their network and developing new potential partners in an open, simple and cost effective manner. Thus, registering in Matchub portal and posting new interesting business proposals a company can get new contacts through which it can start working on new business horizons.
According to what we have read here above, Matchub.net is covering several of the main countries of interest of Bulgarian businesses: Italy, North Macedonia and Romania.
Matchub is supporting SMEs business development using a double approach, including an online and offline strategy. Both approaches aim to spread around the business proposals of a company which is willing to find a new partner abroad. The online strategy is focused on various online actions (social media, blog, advertisement, specific emailing, etc.) while the offline strategy is focused on networking personal contacts that the International Business Matching Unit is following and developing for each new user of the portal.
In addition to this double approach which aims to boost the international business network of each registered user of the portal, Matchub is offering several other services which can support and facilitate the access of a SME in a new country: Country Market Analysis, Country Sectorial Analysis, Legal & Policy Analysis; Public Tender Reporting; Country Leads Creation; Cold-Calling activities; Commercial actions; B2B meetings; etc.
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