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ABOUT US: The company was founded in 1999 in Stagliuozzo, a charming village in the municipality of Avigliano (PZ) when Rocco Bochicchio started his auto repair business in a small garage driven by a passion for cars, after having matured over thirty years of experience in the authorized workshops of the Fiat / Lancia group. In 2006 the company, now solid, began to be managed by the young son Domenico, who graduated the same year in Mechanical Expert. Domenico thanks to the passion transmitted by his Dad and also thanks to the newest electronic technologies applied to the environment, re-elaborates the concept of “traditional” workshop and personalizes it in his own way, creating a turning point for the company.

PHILOSOPHY: The versatility and technical preparation provided by the outside technical support implemented, allows the master technician Domenico, to perform any diagnostic and repair work on all the various car models on the market, ensuring reliability on the vehicle over time. The company is currently constantly updated and able to offer scheduled consultancy and maintenance, guaranteeing, among other things, the clauses provided by the manufacturers.

OUR SERVICES : Multi-brand mechanical diagnostics and repairs; Pre and post repair vehicle recovery and return service; Repair and coupons on automatic transmissions; Repair, maintenance of electric and hybrid vehicles; Car maintenance, also under warranty according to EU regulation no. 461/2010 ยป

Accessories mounting;

Free check up;

Tire sales and storage service;

Tire balancing;

Ministerial review;