Easy Start for 1 Million Euro Contract thanks to Matchub: Proeco Case History

In short:

  • PROECO is a well-known Italian company specialized in Engineering and Process Engineering in the Oil & Gas sector;
  • PROECO Headquarters is located in Forlì;
  • Works internationally with big partners, like ENI, one of the main players in the industry.
  • The sector in which Proeco works requires large teams for a constant on site follow up.
  • The presence of local partnerships is vital to speed up the recruitment of specialized personnel during the process of new projects acquisition.
  • Through Business Proposals on the matchub.net portal and thanks to the matchub-2B service, Proeco has managed to find the right partnership in Southern Italy.  Matchub has assisted the company to recruit various profiles capable of supporting the company's engineering activities.
  • This new connection created thanks to MatcHub allowed Proeco to start a new project worth 1 million Euro with respect to the promised timing.

How Matchub helped PROECO

We learned about Matchub through their Online Marketing campaign: I liked the idea of ​​the portal immediately and I got in touch with them for a  short call with Gianfranco Brusaporci, Matchub's CEO. After a couple of hours our business proposal was ready.

We then decided to purchase of the Matchub-2B service in order to delegate the selection process of the contacts we got both through the portal and through  the MatcHub database.

In this way we managed to obtain results in a short time and without having to resort to external resources. With an absolutely sustainable investment, the return has been very high.”

Roberto Cicognani,

Technical Design Director


Matchub's approach with PROECO

“When Roberto contacted us, we immediately understood that our approach had to be as smart as possible. If Matchub already intends to make the search for partners and customers simpler and faster, PROECO immediately needed an even more streamlined service, which allowed it to delegate all the selection and initial approach with potential partners, to concentrate only on the most interesting ones.

Given the complexity of PROECO's work and the need to respect tight deadlines, we thought of using our online tools and our experience to achieve specific objectives in a very short time.

Compared to other Matchub customers and users who focus on wide-ranging business proposals, with long timings and taking advantage of the fact that the free portal allows them to wait until they find the right contacts, the fact that PROECO has contacted us directly made it clear the level of specificity required and the tight deadlines.”

Gianfranco Brusaporci

Matchub CEO