Expansion in Eastern Europe thanks to MatcHub: Iacovelli Case History

In short

Pasquale Iacovelli follows the family tradition and manages a carpentry business.

The manufactured products are gates, railings, doors, gutters, canopies and roofs.

The activity, concentrated in the past years, is now expanding thanks to Pasquale's efforts.

How Matchub helped Pasquale Iacovelli

"I discovered MatcHub thanks to a Facebook post. Until a few minutes before clicking it I had always believed that internationalization was only for large companies and for large investments.

I had always felt the need to expand the business and diversify it from the only opportunities I have coming from my area of ​​residence. I was looking for contacts directly, through partnerships with construction companies that work throughout Italy: I never expected to take advantage of a service of internationalization and moreover to start publishing my business proposals without any cost on my part!https://matchub.net/register

MatcHub has shown me how a portal with an innovative approach can give to any company the possibility to expand its business. I also find the MatcHub-2B service brilliant because, with a really low cost, you can meet a possible partner already interested in what you are doing. Indeed, starting from a list of possible partners, together with the MatcHub team, we selected the one we thought was the best profile and from there we held an online meeting.

Highly recommended!

Thanks to both services, in 2020 we will start doing business with two companies, one in Macedonia and one in Bulgaria."

Pasquale Iacovelli

Matchub's approach with the Iacovelli company

"We saw Pasquale Iacovelli's business proposals to sell metal artifacts in Eastern Europe and in particular in Bulgaria, Romania and Northern Macedonia. Our team found the choice appropriate, both as sector - expanding the market on construction field - and as territory - thanks to the proximity of Estern European countries with Puglia, where the company of Pasquale Iacovelli is located.

Within a few days he was contacted by a North Macedonian company interested in his products and few days later he received a second contact from a wholesaler of raw materials who proposes him a new interesting agreement. The last company was Macedonian as well.

Given these results, we contacted him to offer the MatcHub-2B service to find new partners through a tailor-made approach in order to avoid any waste of time and effort.

Thus, Matchub team and Pasquale Iacovelli have worked searching new possible partners, expanding the opportunities for growth of his company.

We used a very simple approach, trying to keep the cost to the user as low as possible, considering the type of company that manages it, favoring specific markets and creating online meetings.

We are particularly proud of this case because it shows our mission to provide internationalization services to everyone."

Donato Lorusso, CMO Matchub


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