Food And Export of Trentino

Trentino Altro Adige, located in the northern Italy, is a very popular destination for tourists, who are not only attracted by the views, mountains and lake, but also by the local food. The culinary habits in these zones represent an excellent mix between the austrian and italian tradictions, whit the prevalence of cold meats, cheese and wine.

The beginnings of 2019 set a record for the export of food from Trentino. The exports were composed mainly by the manufacturing sector products and in particular the food sector has gained the 16% of the total of the exported products.

The exporting companies are 1200, the first 100 achive the 80% of the total export. These results, are also due to the presence of big names in the trentino food sector, which over the years have created an excellent image abroad of themselves and of the territory.


Through the most emblematic products, we can surely mention two of the most renowned wines, The “Teroldego Trentino Doc” and the “Marzemino Trentino Doc” which are also in great demand throughout Italy, so are the sparkling wines that are present in large quantities and varieties. The export of wine over the years has gradually increased thanks to events and fairs that attract thousands of potential customers. An example is Vinitaly, fair held in Venezia every year, which has about 4000 exhibitors and 150,000 visitors per edition. Taking part are two of the largest companies in Trentino in the production of wine and sparkling wine: Cavit and Ferrari. Both, like many others companies, have bet a lot on exports, achieving steady growth year after year.


The highlight of Trentino is surely the apple. More precisely in “Val di Non”, “the home of apples”, almost 300.000 tons a year are produced, qual to the 16% of the national production and the 5% of the european production. Such a massive cultivation is guaranteed by the favorable environmental conditions and the production techniques of companies such as Melinda and La Trentina, which are commited in biological cultivation, that preserve the natural qualities of the fruit and in the biodinamic cultivation, that guarantees environmental protection and product optimization. 


Another typical product are cold meats, which are very tied to the history and territory of Trentino, guarantee authenticity and quality. Trentino Alto Adige has a long tradition in the processed meat sector, as in the case of Speck Igp. local production is characterized not only by the use of typically mountain meats (roe deer, chamois, deer, moose, etc.), but also by the aging and maturing techniques, which have their strong point in smoking. Among the salamis recognizable throughout Italy and Europe, we have the Carne Salada, Ciuìga, Luganega, smoked mortadella from Val di Non and the famous Speck from Trentino, while in the most recognized companies can not miss Segata S.p.a.


In Trentino Alto Adige, between June and September, is practiced the  “alpeggio of the dairy animals”. Cattle, sheep and goats are transferred to the mountain pastures at high altitude, (Val Rendena e Val di Fiemme some examples), where they are fed with the characteristic mountain vegetation. This type of breeding has a very positive impact on the milk production, of its derivatives and on the environment. Leaders in the sector are Mila and Latte Trento, producers of milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, etc.