How we work

MatcHub supports companies that have the desire to expand into new markets and to
find reliable partners abroad or in new regions. Matchub operates in 2 ways: with the free portal www.matchub.net and with the 3P method.

We operate in various countries such as Italy, Bulgaria, India, Romania, Northern Macedonia and in various sectors such as Agri-food, Energy and Mechanical Machinery.

Our 3P Method

PLACE- Analysis of the target country and region, its peculiarities, culture, trends and specific market dynamics.

PRODUCT - Product analysis: characteristics, specifications, regulations, pricing, sales strategy.

PLAN- Definition of a successful entry strategy able to fully exploit the opportunities of the new target country.

Country Business Consultant & Country Business Expert

MatcHub professionals will guarantee the right development and implementation of the PLAN thanks to its Country Business Consultant (CBC) and Country Business Expert (CBE).

Matchub CBC and CBE will take care of your international activities, representing you in the new target country: by working with them, you will avoid long bureaucracy and cultural misunderstandings, and most importantly you will save time and costs.

Main Activities

  • Research of databases and new leads
  • Phone Marketing
  • Partners search / Suppliers
  • Tender search & support
  • Company acquisition after insolvency
  • New Production plant development
  • Business meetings & Networking
  • Business trips

Extra Activities

  • WEB & SEM services
  • Marketing services
  • Accounting & Legal services
  • Translation & Interpreting
  • Real Estate
  • Recruitment & HR services