Participating in European Projects is easier with Matchub: E-Funds Case History

In short

E-Funds is а consultancy company with offices in Bordeaux and Sofia that works in the field of European projects.

It is working with programs such as Erasmus +, Horizon, COSME.

The projects they manage have different budget ranges, some of which are up to 10 million euro.

For a call related to the Horizon project in the agricultural sector, E-Funds had very short time to create a consortium of companies for the project.

In two weeks they managed to find 5 relevant partners at European level (universities and companies, 2 of which in Italy) that allowed them to finalize the creation of the consortium and register for the 3 million euro tender.

How Matchub has helped E-Funds

E-Funds learned about Matchub through a direct contact in Sofia. In this way, they were guided directly by our team in the creation of the Business Proposal on the portal.

Once the proposal was created, the community did the rest, and it took just a few days to have contacts to screen, some of which led to immediate partnerships while others expanded E-Funds contact network for future projects.

Matchub's approach

“In this case history we have been able to see the full potential of our portal in action. The procedure required a minimum intervention from us and we arrived directly from the business proposal to the required results thanks to the collected contacts.

It must be said that Franco-Bulgaria is a "special"  case for us, as it is an already international company that works in the international context and maintains constant relationships with a vast network of business and institutional partners. This resulted in a great ease in managing the contacts received and in reaching advantageous agreements without our intervention.”

Gianfranco Brusaporci,

Matchub CEO

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